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Super Visa

Parent - Grandparent

The Parent – Grandparent Supervisa has been categorically designed to enable parents and grandparents to visit their children for a period of up to 2 years during a specific visit. 

Just like the Visitor Visa, the Supervisa is also is a multiple-entry visa. This initiative has been largely welcomed by Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents who do not qualify for Parental Sponsorship.

Unlike the Visitor visa, for a Supervisa, the major onus is on the sponsor to prove that the eligibility requirements are met. The sponsor would have to meet the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) requirements, have an approved Medical Insurance from a Canadian company for a period of at least one year, and also provide a Letter of Invitation which includes details of the plans the sponsor has in order to support the parent’s stay in Canada. 

The other criteria that may be considered in a Supervisa application are as follows:

  1. The parent’s ties to their home country.
  2. The purpose of visit.
  3. Information regarding your family and finances.
  4. The political and economic stability of the parent’s home country.

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