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Spousal Open Work Permit

Coming to Canada as a student or worker?? Bring your spouse along with you on an open work permit!!!

Spousal Open work permits for spouses of skilled workers and full-time students. 

If you are the spouse of a skilled worker or a full time student, you may be eligible for a work permit without an offer an employment. 

1. A Valid study permit for your spouse. The permit should have 6 months or longer validity at the time of application.
2. Proof that he/she is a full time student at a designated learning institution.
3. Proof of ties to your home country.
4. Proof of financial support
5. Proof of your relationship.
1. A work permit (copy) of your spouse valid for atleast 6 months, or longer.
2. A letter confirming his/her employment in a NOC skill level O, A or B job.
3. 3 recent pay-stubs
4. Proof of financial support 5. Proof of relationship

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